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Catering Pricing Schedule 2015


Kauai Ono currently offers two different presentation styles for full service catering.  Our Plated & Coursed meal service is designed for more traditonal dining environments where guests are seated.  


The Feast of Small Plates offering is designated for a cocktail party environment where guests are milling about and not at set seating.  Both styles typically begin with passed-appetizer service and are adjustable in form to fit indivual setting.


Plated & Coursed Service:

-4-5 passed-appetizers

-3-4 plated courses (including dessert)


Feast of Small Plates:

-3 passed-appetizers

-5 Mini-Main dishes

-1 dessert 





Base Fee for Full Service Catering Options:


price includes: service and kitchen staffing, all required plateware & silver, all necessary kitchen equipment, 'catering tent', glassware for tables, cocktail napkins for passed apps, & water pitchers for tables.  price does NOT include Kauai General Excise Tax (4.166%) or gratuity. our in house glassware options include rocks-style glasses for water, stemless wine glasses, and mason jars. 


10-20 guests     $118/person

21-40 guests     $111/person

41-75 guests     $106/person

76-100 guests  $102/person

101+  guests    call for quote


* Gourmet 'Taco Wagon' is designed for larger groups in mind.  Pricing varies anywhere from 40%-60% of full service catering meals.  The lower price is for consecutive food events in which a full service catering is already contracted. (ie... a taco wagon rehersal party or a post event brunch the morning after.)


** Addtional Dishes (although the base line option is always enough food to satisfy all guests,  some clients like to provide more options and variety for thier guests.  in that scenario we do offer additional menu choices for low additional fees.)


-additional appetizer  $8/guest

-additonal mini-main  $10/guest

-additonal main entree $12/guest

-additional dessert item $6/guest



*** Special Event Fees:  ANY event that is not strictly a dinner party such as a wedding, bat mitzvah, or any other program where the time line requires Kauai Ono's staff to be onsite for extended time periods.  this staffing overage fee covers waiting time for speeches, ceremonies, photo sessions, and other unforeseen and inevitable activities. 


-$150 / 20 guests





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