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Kauai Ono is a motley crew loosely centered around owner and chef Justin Smith.  Raised on mexican street food and educated in chemistry in conjunction with his blue-collar and hands-on nature have left Justin with a unique set of kitchen skills. His formal culinary training in Europe (blah) along with many other travels have left him culturally aware and able to incorporate the local flare into his own approach to food.

After having worked in Michelin 3 Starred (blah) restaurants in Spain, as well as foodie hot spots (blah) in Costa Rica and the west coast of the US. Justin and his family are now semi-settled in Kauai, with an ocasional work stint in snowy Alta Utah, or the Namotu Island Resort in Fiji. When not giving his all in the kitchen or seeking solace in the water, he's attempting to control chaos at home with his identical twin sons Rio and Luka. Blah, Blah, Blah check me out. Food's simple... but good! Let's eat.

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